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A Five Day Online Faculty Development Program - ICT Tools for Teaching Learning Pedagogy

ICT Tools for Teaching Learning Pedagogy

Overview of the FDP

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can enhance the effect of teaching - learning process. The development of ICT has given new dimension to the pedagogy. The use of technological tools in education is a necessary adoption that will enhance the teaching-learning process in educational institutions. The ICT tools allow the learners to understand the concepts in a simplified process. Teaching methods supported by ICT tools maximize the retention capacity among learners and this adoption of ICT tools in different disciplines is a necessary means to reach to the students in classrooms. With the advancement in technology and changes in the learning methods in teaching, this FDP aims at preparing the faculty fraternity in learning new techniques of teaching for the graduate and post-graduate students. The objective of the FDP is to prepare faculty for their role as motivators, facilitators, mentors and guide for helping students in achieving excellence.

Registration fees

There is no registration fees.

Platform :

Microsoft teams

The link will be shared after confirmation through mail.

Certificate of Participation The certificate will be issued for the participants who attain 80% of attendance.


Dr.A.Sivasangari Assistant Professor, Department of ECE, GMRIT, Rajam, Andhra Pradesh Ph. No.: +91 9491091756

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