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Ademtek Hall-Effect Current measurement Module

Ademtek Hall-Effect Current measurement Module(model: ISOCM) is a fully Isolated and Multi-Channel Sensing Module. That is designed to be used in a wide range of applications such as Feedback Block of Power Electronics Converters & Inverters, 3 Phase Systems Monitoring, Motor Drives, and PV Monitoring applications.

The Module has both unipolar and bipolar output IDCs, with configurable 3V/5V unipolar output voltage, which makes it compatible with all types of DSP Controllers and dSPACE Controllers. BNC Output can be used for direct interface with Oscilloscope as well. The Current Sensors are non-intrusive, so they can be used with bus bars.

The ISOCM Module can be used with powerful features such as Data Monitoring, Acquisition, Advanced Analysis (Power Factor, THD, etc.), and Recording with Interactive Playback in Software Environment. This eliminates the need for Oscilloscopes, Power Analyzers, and Probes for up to 100 kHz Bandwidth applications.


  • ±25A - 100A Current Sensing Range # #

  • Fully Isolated High-Frequency Bandwidth

  • Bipolar ±10V BNC Output for Oscilloscope & dSPACE

  • Selectable 3V/5V Unipolar Output for FPGA & DSP

  • 200kHz Current Bandwidth


  • Feedback of Power Electronics Inverters & Converters

  • Feedback for Real-Time Simulators

  • Motor Drives Monitoring

  • 3 Phase Systems Monitoring

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