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Intelligent Decision Support System for IoT Enabling Technologies: Opportunity, Challenges and Applications


The envisioned audience includes Decision support researchers, IoT researchers, Intelligent system and IoT enabling technologies, under graduate and post graduate students, Real world applications, developers, Industry developers, and individuals who are keen in social and economic frameworks. Further anticipated audience are the analysts and academicians who distinguish and create techniques, systems, frameworks and projects by means of citations, reviews, perceptible and subjective outcomes. The book is intended to be the most significant references at institutional libraries, data innovation and development hubs and any organizations keen on utilizing, demonstrating and examining precision agrarian frameworks.

This book is focused on the aspects of IoT and decision support systems to proffer preventive and intelligent systems. The objective is to design the components like IoT challenges and opportunity, IoT Enabling Technologies, Decision Support Systems, IoT Smart Applications, Intelligent Systems for satisfying the goals of societal and economical issues .

Topics covered in this book include but are not limited to Decision support along with Intelligent and IoT based applications like Healthcare System, Intelligent Transportation system, Business intelligence, Artificial Intelligence in sustainable Agriculture, IoT and Cloud based smart farming, Big-data with cloud platform to resolve storage and processing issues in IoT, AI and IoT enabled smart home, AI and IoT in supply chain management cloud, Edge, and Fog computing for IoT, Intelligent Robotics, Computational intelligence in Bioengineering, Trust management for Internet of things, Intelligent 5G networks etc.

Submission Guidelines

Academicians are invited to submit on or before 30th August 2022, a chapter proposal of 5,00 to 1,000 words clearly explaining the mission and concerns of his or her proposed chapter. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis. Contributors may also be requested to serve as reviewers for this project. All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.


415 Oser Avenue, Suite N

Hauppauge NY 11788-3619, U.S.A.

Recommended Topics:

1. Machine-to-Machine Communications to the Internet of Things 2. Human Machine Interface. 3. Security and Privacy in IoT. 4. Towards a Smart World: From Homes to Cities. 5. Distributed ML for big data and smart city 6. Intelligent Systems and the Healthcare Revolution 7. Internet of Things towards 5G wireless System 8. Human computer interaction practice 9. LPWA network for IoT Applications 10. IoT based smart Agriculture System 11. Early Detection and Recovery Measures for Smart Grid Cyber-Resilience 12. Services in Connected Vehicles: Security Risks and Countermeasures 13. Body Motion Capture and Applications 14. Economic, environmental and social impacts of IoT 15. Precision farming and IoT case studies across the world 16. Real time motion planning for autonomous Vehicles 17. Big Data: Processing, Storage and Analytics. 18. Cloud-Based Big Data Analysis Tools and Techniques Towards Sustainable Smart City Services 19. Data centered Fog platform of smart cities 20. Intelligent Decision Support Systems 21. Decision Support Systems in Medical Research 22. Data Mining-Based Intelligent Decision Support Systems 23. Decision Making in IoT Systems Based on Guided Self-Organization and Autonomic Computing in the Context of the I4.0 Era

Important Date Last Call for Chapter Proposal (500-1000 Words) : 30/08/2022 Notification of Proposal Approval : 15/09/2022 Full Chapter Submission : 15/11/2022 Review of Chapters Notification to Authors : 30/11/2022 Revised Chapter Submission : 25/11/2022 Final Acceptance/Rejection Notifications : 15/12/2022


  • Dr. Subrata Sahana, Sharda University, India. Contact No. +91-9313056608

  • Prof. A.K. Sagar, Sharda University, India. Contact No. +91- 9412163839

  • Prof. Sanjoy Das, IGNTU-RCM, India. Contact No. +91-8787538340

  • Dr. Vishal Jain, Sharda University, India. Contact No. +919899997263

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