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Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problem by Meta heuristic algorithm

Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) is the process of allocating the required load between the available generation units such that the cost of operation is minimized. The ELD problem is formulated as a nonlinearly constrained optimization problem with both equality and inequality constraints. The dual-objective Combined Economic Emission Dispatch (CEED) problem is considering the environmental impacts that accumulated from the emission of gaseous pollutants of fossil-fuelled power plants. In this work, a MATLAB implementation of Meta-Heuristic Optimization to solve ELD and CEED problems in power systems is discussed. Results obtained by the Meta-Heuristic Optimization are compared with each other ten generating models considering valve point effect in terms of total cost and computational time.

Meta Heuristic Optimization:

Ant lion optimization

BAT algorithm

Black Widow Optimization Algorithm

Crow search Algorithm

Dragonfly Algorithm

Flower pollination Algorithm

Genetic Algorithm

Grasshopper optimization algorithm

Grey Wolf Optimization

Moth flame optimization

Multiverse optimization

Particle swarm optimization

Salp swarm optimization algorithm

Whale optimization algorithm

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