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Control of shunt active HARMONIC filter based on DQ frame

Control of shunt active HARMONIC filter based on DQ frame

The nonlinear loads present more in the power systems in the practice today by developing of electronic technology and using the small distributed power sources (solar power, wind power, etc.), this causes the increasing the high-frequency switch devices, etc. in the power network. Nonlinear loads cause non-sinusoidal currents and voltages with harmonic components, increasing the reactive power, overload of power lines and electrical devices, low power factor, and affecting badly the networks. Shunt active filters (SAF) with current controlled voltage source inverters (CCVSI) are used effectively to reduce the harmonics and to balance the phases sinusoidal source currents by generating the currents to compensate the harmonic currents caused by the nonlinear loads. In this video, we suppose a control strategy to generate the compensation currents of SAF by using the DQ current control method. The desired compensation currents can track exactly the reference compensation currents on the DQ frame.

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