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Design of PID controller for boost converter

Design of PID controller for boost converter


Welcome to LMS Solution! In this blog post, we'll delve into the design process of a Proportional-Derivative (PD) controller for a boost converter. This controller is crucial for achieving stable and precise control over the output voltage of the boost converter, ensuring it meets the desired specifications.

Boost Converter Design:

Before diving into the controller design, we first need to design the boost converter itself. Let's consider a boost converter with a power rating of 500 watts, operating at a switching frequency of 10 kHz. The input voltage is set to 12 volts, and the load voltage is targeted at 24 volts.

The calculations for the inductor (L), capacitor (C), and load resistance (R) values are performed based on the power rating, load voltage, and input voltage. The resulting values are L = 0.0014, C = 0.0043, and R = 1.1520.

Boost Converter Model:

The boost converter model is constructed using a controlled voltage source, inductor, diode, capacitor, and load resistance. The model also includes measurement blocks for input voltage, load voltage, and load current. A Proportional-Derivative (PD) controller and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) generator are introduced to control the system.

PD Controller Tuning:

To ensure effective control, the PD controller must be tuned. The tuning process involves identifying the plant's characteristics and adjusting the controller parameters accordingly. The model is simulated, and identification data is obtained. The PD controller is then tuned using the obtained data, ensuring the system responds optimally to variations.

Simulation Results:

The simulation results show that the PD controller effectively regulates the output voltage of the boost converter. During a step change in input voltage from 12 volts to 15 volts, the system exhibits a controlled response with minimal overshoot and settling time of 0.2 seconds.


Designing a PD controller for a boost converter is a critical step in achieving stable and precise voltage regulation. The tuned PD controller ensures the system responds effectively to variations in input voltage, maintaining the desired output voltage.

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