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Drone Squadron Optimization MPPT | MPPT for PV system | Drone Squadron

Drone Squadron Optimization MPPT | MPPT for PV system | Drone Squadron


We delve into a novel MPPT algorithm centered around drone squadron optimization. This cutting-edge approach, termed "Squadron Optimization Limiting," promises advancements in maximizing efficiency and performance.

Understanding the Concept:

In this simulation model, we observe the intricate details of drone squadron optimization. This methodology, outlined in a published paper in Neural Computing and Applications, mirrors the command center dynamics seen in strategic landscapes, akin to scenarios in Game of Thrones. Utilizing data gathered from drones, it processes commands and dispatches firmware accordingly.

Implementation in MPPT Algorithm:

Expanding the horizons, this concept finds application in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms. In a practical scenario, a solar panel setup is considered, with each panel generating a specific wattage. By employing MPPT, the system optimizes power extraction under varying conditions, ensuring peak performance.

Technical Details:

The core of the algorithm lies in sending different duty cycles, collecting voltage and current data, and determining the maximum power output. Leveraging drone squadron optimization principles, the algorithm iteratively refines the duty cycle for optimal performance.

Simulation and Results:

Through simulations, we observe the algorithm's efficacy in adapting to changing environmental conditions. By varying irradiation levels, the algorithm successfully identifies and tracks peak power points, ensuring efficient energy extraction.


The integration of drone squadron optimization principles into MPPT algorithms showcases the versatility and adaptability of modern technologies. By harnessing advanced algorithms, we can optimize energy systems for maximum efficiency, paving the way for a sustainable future.

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