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Grid connected PV system with partial shading effect

Grid connected PV system with partial shading effect


The system seems to be designed to extract maximum power from the PV panels under varying irradiation conditions, including partial shading effects. Here's a summarized breakdown:

PV Panel Configuration:

  • Two parallel strings with a total power rating of 3 megawatts.

  • Each string has three groups of arrays, each group with a specific number of parallel strings and series connections.

  • Boost converter used to increase the voltage from 319 to 700 volts.

MPPT Algorithm:

  • Perturb and Observe (P&O) algorithm used for Maximum Power Point Tracking.

  • The algorithm adjusts the duty cycle to optimize power extraction from the PV panels.

Filter Inductor Design:

  • Filter inductor designed based on the power rating of the PV, voltage across the inverter, and the operating frequency.

Inverter Control:

  • Proportional-Integral (PI) controller used to regulate the DC link voltage of the inverter.

  • A rate limiter is employed to control the rate of change of irradiation, preventing abrupt changes.

Simulation and Results:

  • The simulation includes changes in irradiation conditions to observe the system's response.

  • The system extracts maximum power from the PV panels, adjusting to different irradiation levels.

  • Graphs show the behavior of grid voltage, grid current, inverter voltage, inverter current, and power under changing conditions.

Parameter Tuning:

  • Parameters such as the PI controller gains and rate limiter values are tuned to optimize system performance.

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