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Grid-connected solar PV system with Battery Energy Storage System

Grid-connected solar PV system with Battery Energy Storage System

The penetration of renewable sources in the power system network in the power system has been increasing in recent years. These sources are intermittent in nature and their generation pattern does not match the load pattern thereby creating a need for a battery storage system. In this context, energy management presents itself as an inevitable challenge in operating grid-connected distributed renewable sources. The challenge is due to factors such as intermittency of source, time of the day prices, sizing of solar panels and battery, limitations of charging and discharging rates of the battery. In this work, one of the solutions being proposed to improve the reliability and performance of these systems is to integrate energy storage devices into the power system network. This work discusses the modeling of photovoltaic and the status of the battery storage device for better energy management in the system. The energy management for the grid-connected system was performed by the dynamic switching process. The optimal selection of a number of solar panels, battery size has also been presented. The proposed algorithm helps in effectively deriving the potential benefits of a grid-connected rooftop solar system with battery storage.

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