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How to change current directory without coding in MATLAB Simulink

How to change current directory without coding in MATLAB Simulink

When working with MATLAB, it's crucial to set the correct working directory to avoid errors during simulations or program implementation. Here's a quick guide on how to change the MATLAB directory:


  • Launch MATLAB on your computer.

Locate Current Directory:

  • In the MATLAB interface, you'll see the current directory (the installed directory). This is where MATLAB is currently looking for files.

Create a New Folder:

  • Click on the folder icon in the MATLAB toolbar.

  • Create a new folder in a convenient location (e.g., Documents/MATLAB) or choose an existing folder.

Select New Folder:

  • Once the folder is created, select it. This is the new directory where you'll work on MATLAB projects.

Implement Programs or Simulations:

  • Start implementing your MATLAB programs or simulations in this new folder.

  • Changing the directory helps avoid errors related to working in the installed directory.

Benefits of Changing Directory:

  • Ensures that MATLAB looks for and saves files in the correct location.

  • Minimizes errors that may arise when working in the installed directory.


  • If you created a folder named "Test," MATLAB's current directory will be set to "Test."

Avoiding Errors:

  • Changing the directory is particularly important when working with scripts, functions, or Simulink models.

  • Errors related to incorrect paths or missing files can be minimized by setting the working directory appropriately.


  • Changing the MATLAB directory is a good practice to organize your work and prevent potential errors.

  • Remember to set the directory to a location where you have read and write permissions.

Thank You:

  • Thank you for watching our tutorial. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Happy MATLAB coding!

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