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How to open latest version MATLAB Simulink in lowest version MATLAB

How to open latest version MATLAB Simulink in lowest version MATLAB


In this tutorial, we will explore how to open MATLAB files created in newer versions of MATLAB when you are using an older version of the software. MATLAB is a powerful tool for scientific and engineering computations, but compatibility issues between different versions can be a concern. We will discuss how to address this issue effectively.

Versions Used in the Tutorial

For this tutorial, we will demonstrate using MATLAB 2017b to open a MATLAB file created in MATLAB 2019b. The process may vary slightly based on your specific MATLAB versions, but the fundamental steps remain the same.

Opening MATLAB Files of Different Versions

Launch MATLAB: Start by opening MATLAB with your current version (in this case, MATLAB 2017b).

Access Preferences:

  • In MATLAB's main window, navigate to the "Home" tab.

Open Simulink Preferences:

  • In the "Home" tab, locate and click on "Preferences." This opens a dialog box with various preferences.

Navigate to Simulink:

  • Within the Preferences dialog box, find and select the "Simulink" option from the left-hand menu. Click on it.

Open Simulink Preferences:

  • After selecting "Simulink," locate and click on "Open Simulink Preferences." This opens a new window specific to Simulink settings.

Access Model File Preferences:

  • In the Simulink Preferences window, click on "Model File." This option deals with settings related to opening and working with model files.

Check Compatibility Option:

  • In the Model File preferences, you will find an option that says, "Do not load model created with a newer version of Simulink." This option is usually enabled by default, and it restricts you from opening newer version files.

Disable Compatibility Check:

  • To open models created with a newer version of MATLAB, you need to disable this compatibility check. Simply uncheck or untick the box that corresponds to this option.

Apply and Save Preferences:

  • After disabling the compatibility check, click on the "Apply" button to save your preferences. Then, click "OK" or "Close" to exit the Simulink Preferences window.

Open the MATLAB File:

  • Now that you have disabled the compatibility check, you can open the MATLAB file created in a newer version. Simply go to "File" and click "Open" to locate and open the desired .mdl or .slx file.

Simulation and Execution:

  • Once the file is open, you can simulate and execute it as you would with any other MATLAB model.


In this tutorial, we discussed how to open MATLAB files created in newer versions of the software using an older version of MATLAB. By disabling the compatibility check for model files, you can effectively open and work with models created in newer MATLAB versions. This is a valuable solution when working on research or collaborating with others who may have different MATLAB versions.

Remember to adjust your compatibility settings back to their original state if needed when working with files created in your current MATLAB version. MATLAB's flexibility and compatibility options ensure that you can seamlessly work across different versions of the software.

Thank you for watching our tutorial. If you found it helpful, please consider subscribing to our channel and enabling notifications for updates on upcoming videos. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Goodbye!

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