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How to Tune PID controller in PV Battery system in MATLAB

How to Tune PID controller in PV Battery system in MATLAB

The simulation involves the design of a PV system with a battery employing a control mechanism, particularly the Proportional-Integral (PI) controller, to maintain a DC voltage around 24 volts.

Control Strategy and Parameter Tuning

The design involves measuring PV and DC voltages and utilizing the PI controller to compare the reference voltage and the combined voltages for regulation. The initial configuration employs a PI controller, aiming to regulate the system's output and duty cycle.

Data Collection and Analysis for Controller Tuning

The process begins with the collection of identification data by simulating the system and adjusting parameters such as offset, amplitude, and period. Following data collection, the auto-estimation of parameters is executed for performance analysis.

Parameter Adjustment and System Stability

The PID tuner allows for fine-tuning and adjustments in parameters to achieve stable system performance and optimal response. Parameters are adjusted to modify the system's stability and minimize oscillations.

Testing and Response Analysis

The simulation of system performance is conducted to observe and analyze the response to different parameter adjustments, ensuring a stable and optimized system response.

Conclusion and System Optimization

The blog post details the process of designing and fine-tuning a control mechanism for a PV system with a battery. It emphasizes the importance of data collection, parameter adjustment, and performance analysis for achieving system stability and optimized response.

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