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International Conference on Automation, Computing and Renewable Systems


Many computational intelligence and learning methods, such as expert systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms and so on have found success in a variety of control and automation fields. Intelligent Control, which differs from conventional approaches is based on methodologies derived from Artificial Intelligence[AI] and soft computing techniques is capable of dealing with problems in diverse computational and communication domains and, more recently, those related to renewable energy and mobile autonomous systems, where conventional methods were unsuccessful. Nevertheless, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing, and the Internet of Things have led to an unprecedented development of control and intelligent systems.

The theme of ICACRS 2022 is “Intelligent Computational Methods, Automation and Emerging trends in renewable energy". This International Conference on Automation, Computing and Renewable Systems [ICACRS 2022] is devoted to intelligent systems that improve the control of nonlinear systems and its applications and also the novel contributions in all aspects of automation and renewable systems. This conference will provide a knowledge-building and experience-sharing platform for professionals from the industry, academia and research organizations.

Call for Papers

Computational Methods Soft Computing Grid Computing Machine Vision and Computational Imaging Mobile Edge Computing Autonomic Computing Distributed Computing High Performance Computing Internet of Things Quantum Computing Computational Intelligence for Electric Machines and Drives Machine/Deep Learning Cryptography and Blockchain Cyber Physical Systems Human-computer interaction Meta heuristic algorithms Crowd Sourcing & Social Intelligence

Robotics and Automation Cognitive and Adaptive Automation Systems Navigation and Control Fault Detection and Diagnosis Agents and Multi-agent Systems Process Modelling, Control and Optimal Design Optimization and Decision Making Support Automated Fault Detection, Diagnostics, and Prognostics Sensor Fusion for Intelligent Automation Systems Smart Products and Embedded Intelligence Sustainability and green automation Knowledge Based Systems Robotics and virtual reality systems Human-Robot Interaction and Semi-Autonomous Systems Modeling and Simulation Scheduling Ubiquitous Mobile Robotics

Renewable Systems Intelligent Control Techniques Hybrid and integrated renewable energy systems Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Energy Engineering Renewable Energy Utilizations Fault Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Environmental Impacts and Sustainability Environment Friendly Energy Systems Sustainable Transport and Electric Vehicles Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems Smart Grid Intelligent Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies Hybrid Energy Systems Energy Efficient Systems Sustainability in Process Industries Efficient Energy Generation and Conversion Control and Optimization of Renewable Energy Systems

General Guidelines:

  • All manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word or PDF format only.

  • Papers should address one of the topics listed in the call for papers.

  • The APA referencing style is the recognized reference method, and all contributors included in the article should be appropriately acknowledged using referencing and citations.

  • Tables and figures should be clearly labelled and must be of high quality.

  • One author should be designated as the corresponding author (All future communications will be sent to the corresponding author).

  • For submission, the corresponding author should get the consent from all the co-authors. ICACRS will not be liable for responding to the manuscript's co-authors.

  • The entire submission process will be handled only through the conference email in a very professional manner.

  • Submit the paper via email on or before the stipulated deadline.

  • Authors should proof-read the manuscript to avoid any grammatical or typographical errors. Papers can be rejected due to a poor standard of English.

Paper Template click here for MsWord Template click here for LaTex Template

Paper Submission Deadline:

By submitting the registration documents, the author will receive an email stating the selection for the conference. This email will confirm the date for returning your full paper. Please note that this is a FINAL date. Earlier submission is encouraged as it helps the conference team to manage the review process in a timely manner.


Case 1: If the paper has been suggested for a revision. Author should revise the paper according to the specified reviewer comments and the updated paper should be sent back to the conference before the specified final submission deadline for further inline review process.

Case 2: If the paper has plagiarism or if the submitted research work is out of the conference theme, it will be reject without suggesting any further revision

Case 3: The paper can also be rejected due to poor English Standard.

IEEE Xplore

All accepted and presented papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements.

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