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MATLAB Implementation of Fuzzy Based MPPT for Solar PV System

This Work presents fuzzy-based maximum power point tracking in solar panel. The solar system is modelled and analysed in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The photovoltaic panel has an optimal operating voltage where the PV panel can produce maximum power at this particular point. Due to the nonlinearity of the voltage-current characteristic in solar panel, it is difficult to determine analytically the maximum power operating voltage that varies with the change of solar irradiance and cell temperature. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is implemented to identify the maximum power operating point, subsequently, regulate the solar panel to operate at that particular operating voltage for maximum power gaining. Fuzzy based optimized MPPT is developed and the performance of the controller is examined at variable solar irradiances at different temperatures. Simulation results show that fuzzy based MPPT has better performance where it can facilitate the solar panel to produce a more stable power.

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