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MATLAB simulation of Solar PV EV Charging Station with Grid

MATLAB simulation of Solar PV EV Charging Station with Grid

The integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations represents a promising approach towards sustainable energy and transportation. This simulation model, developed using MATLAB, offers a comprehensive exploration of a Solar PV EV Charging Station with Grid Integration. By simulating various scenarios and control strategies, the model provides valuable insights into the operation, efficiency, and performance of such integrated systems. Through this analysis, stakeholders can gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and challenges associated with solar PV EV charging stations, facilitating informed decision-making and the advancement of clean energy solutions in transportation and beyond.

Control Logic and Algorithms:

  • MPPT Algorithm: The Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm optimizes power extraction from the PV array by adjusting the duty cycle of the interleaved buck converter.

  • Voltage Control Method: The bidirectional converter and grid-tie inverter are controlled using a voltage control method to maintain system stability and regulate DC bus voltage.

  • Current Reference Generation: Based on PV and EV battery currents, a control logic system generates current references to manage power flow between the PV array, batteries, and grid.

Simulation Results and Observations:

  • PV Power Generation: The simulation demonstrates the dynamic nature of PV power generation under varying irradiance conditions, with the PV array generating up to 4,000 Watts of power.

  • Grid Interaction: When PV power is insufficient, the system seamlessly transitions to grid power, ensuring continuous supply to the load and charging the EV battery.

  • Battery Charging: The bidirectional converter facilitates the charging of stationary batteries when excess PV power is available or when grid power is cheaper.

  • EV Battery Management: The simulation illustrates the charging of EV batteries using power from both the PV array and the grid, optimizing energy use and reducing grid dependence.


The simulation model showcases the integration of solar PV generation, grid power, and energy storage in a comprehensive EV charging station setup. By leveraging advanced control algorithms and bidirectional power converters, the system efficiently manages power flow and optimizes energy utilization, contributing to sustainability and grid resilience.

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