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MPPT using Fixed Voltage Method in Solar PV System in MATLAB

MPPT using Fixed Voltage Method in Solar PV System in MATLAB


We'll delve into the implementation of a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm using the fixed voltage method in a solar PV system. The primary goal is to extract the maximum power output from the PV panel by adjusting the operating voltage based on changes in irradiation conditions. By maintaining the panel's voltage at an optimal level, we ensure efficient power generation regardless of variations in sunlight intensity.

Understanding MPPT Algorithm:

MPPT algorithms are crucial in solar energy systems as they enable the optimization of power output by continuously tracking and adjusting the operating point of the PV panel to its maximum power point (MPP). The fixed voltage method is one of the MPPT techniques where the panel's voltage is regulated to ensure maximum power extraction under varying environmental conditions.

Implementation Details:

  1. Irradiation Temperature Sensitivity: The efficiency of a PV panel is influenced by changes in irradiation conditions. By monitoring temperature variations, we can adjust the panel's operating voltage to maximize power output.

  2. Voltage Selection: To determine the optimal operating voltage, we consider the voltage range corresponding to different irradiation levels. By selecting a voltage within this range, we ensure efficient power generation across varying conditions.

  3. Boost Converter Design: A boost converter is employed to step up the voltage output from the PV panel to the desired level. Its design parameters, such as inductance and capacitance values, are calculated based on system requirements.

  4. Control Mechanism: A Proportional-Integral (PI) controller is utilized to regulate the boost converter's output voltage. It compares the actual PV voltage with the reference voltage (setpoint) and adjusts the converter's duty cycle accordingly to maintain the desired voltage level.

  5. Simulation and Results Analysis: The designed system is simulated to verify its performance under different irradiation conditions. The PV panel's voltage, current, and power output are monitored, ensuring maximum power extraction across varying sunlight intensities.

Simulation Results:

Upon simulation, the fixed voltage MPPT algorithm successfully maintains the PV panel's voltage at the optimal level, resulting in efficient power generation. The system demonstrates robust performance, extracting maximum power under varying irradiation conditions. The results validate the effectiveness of the fixed voltage method in maximizing solar power generation.


The implementation of a fixed voltage MPPT algorithm offers a reliable solution for optimizing solar power generation in PV systems. By dynamically adjusting the panel's operating voltage, the algorithm ensures efficient power extraction across different environmental conditions. This tutorial provides valuable insights into the design and operation of MPPT algorithms, highlighting their significance in enhancing the performance of solar energy systems.

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