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Online MATLAB Workshop: Advanced Control and Energy System Modelling

Online MATLAB Workshop: Advanced Control and Energy System Modelling

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Date: 06-07-2024

Time: 11.00 AM – 02.00 PM

Session 1: Optimizing PID Controllers for DC-DC Converters

In this MATLAB online workshop, you'll gain expertise in optimizing PID controllers for DC-DC converters. Begin by designing critical L & C parameters for Buck and Boost converters, establishing a strong foundation. Explore open-loop simulation to understand converter behavior practically. The session's highlight is the design of PID controller parameters for closed-loop control using MATLAB's PID Tuning app method, ensuring precise and efficient DC-DC converter control.

Session 2: Modeling Grid-Connected PV Systems

Learn how to simulate PV system behavior under various conditions, understand solar power generation dynamics, and optimize Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms. Dive into PV grid inverter modeling to seamlessly integrate solar power into the grid, preparing you to contribute to the renewable energy revolution.

Session 3: Modeling PV-Based EV Charging Stations

Explore PV-based Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in our MATLAB online workshop. Model the PV battery system, simulate energy storage behavior, and efficiently utilize PV-generated energy for EV charging. Delve into modeling the PV battery EV system, integrating PV power into the EV charging process. Gain practical knowledge for sustainable and eco-friendly EV charging solutions, bridging the gap between renewable energy and electric mobility.

Topics To be Covered:

Session 1: Optimization of PID controller parameter for DC-DC Converter

1. Design of L & C parameter for Buck and Boost converters.

2. Open Loop Simulation of Buck and Boost converter.

3. Designing of PID controller parameter for closed-loop control of Buck and Boost converter with PID Tuning app Method.

Session 2: Modelling of the Grid Connected PV system

1. Modelling of the PV system

2. Modelling of Maximum Power point tracking algorithm

3. Modelling of the PV grid inverter

Session 3: Modelling of the PV Based EV Charging station

1. Modelling of PV Battery system

2. Modelling of PV battery EV system

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