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P&O MPPT for Wind Energy Conversion System in MATLAB

P&O MPPT for Wind Energy Conversion System in MATLAB


We're delving into the realm of wind energy conversion systems, particularly focusing on the implementation of PO MPPT (Perturb and Observe Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithms. This simulation model is designed to optimize the performance of wind turbines, ensuring maximum power extraction under varying wind conditions.

  1. Wind Turbine and Generator: The system comprises a wind turbine coupled with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG). The wind turbine has a rating of three kilowatts, capable of generating a maximum power output of three kilowatts under ideal conditions.

  2. Rectifier and Boost Converter: The output from the PMSG, which is in the form of alternating current (AC), is rectified to direct current (DC) using a rectifier. Subsequently, a boost converter is employed to control the DC output and extract maximum power from the wind turbine.

  3. PO MPPT Algorithm: The PO MPPT algorithm is utilized to regulate the operation of the boost converter and optimize power extraction from the wind turbine. By continuously adjusting the duty cycle of the boost converter based on variations in wind speed, the algorithm ensures that the turbine operates at its maximum power point, thereby maximizing energy conversion efficiency.

  4. Controlled DC Output: The controlled DC output from the boost converter is supplied to the load, ensuring efficient utilization of the generated power. The design parameters of the boost converter, including input and output voltages, are tailored to suit the specific requirements of the wind turbine system.

  5. Simulation Results: The simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the PO MPPT algorithm in optimizing power extraction from the wind turbine. Voltage and current waveforms, as well as power output from the boost converter, are analyzed under varying wind speeds to ascertain the system's performance.

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