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PID Tuning in Solar PV system with MPPT in MATLAB

PID Tuning in Solar PV system with MPPT in MATLAB

In the pursuit of harnessing sustainable energy, the integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems has gained significant attention. This blog post explores a MATLAB simulation model that optimizes a solar PV system's performance by employing a boost converter and implementing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms.

PV System Design: 

The PV system consists of eight panels, each with a rating of 250 watts, connected in series to generate a total power output of 2,000 watts. The boost converter, controlled by the incremental conductance MPPT algorithm, ensures the extraction of maximum power from the PV panels.

Boost Converter Design: 

The boost converter design involves selecting parameters such as input voltage, switching frequency, and output voltage. Design equations are employed to determine the values of inductance (L) and capacitance (C). The boost converter is integral in maintaining a stable DC bus voltage.

MPPT Algorithm Implementation: 

The MPPT algorithm, based on incremental conductance, adjusts the reference voltage to optimize the power output of the PV system. By comparing actual and reference voltages, the algorithm dynamically adjusts the system parameters to achieve maximum power extraction.

Controller Tuning: 

To enhance the control system, Proportional-Integral (PI) controllers are tuned. The tuning process involves identifying the plant using simulation data and adjusting parameters such as proportional gain (KP) and derivative time (KD). The goal is to achieve optimal response times and accuracy in the control system.

Model Testing: 

The simulation model is tested under varying conditions, including changes in irradiation and variable loads. The responses of the PV system are analyzed, ensuring that the system consistently extracts maximum power and adapts to dynamic conditions.


The MATLAB simulation model successfully demonstrates the effectiveness of the implemented MPPT algorithm and control system in optimizing the performance of a solar PV system. By dynamically adjusting parameters, the system achieves maximum power extraction under different operating conditions, contributing to the overall efficiency and sustainability of renewable energy solutions.

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