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PO MPPT For Wind Energy Conversion System in MATLAB

PO MPPT For Wind Energy Conversion System in MATLAB

Greetings, viewers! Today, we will explore the application of Perturb and Observe (P&O) MPPT for a Wind Energy Conversion System. The simulation model encompasses a wind turbine, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG), rectifier, boost converter, and load.

The wind turbine has a rating of three kilowatts, allowing for a maximum power generation of three kilowatts under ideal conditions. The generator, considering an efficiency of 0.9, pairs with the wind turbine. The power-speed characteristics reveal that different wind speeds affect the power output, emphasizing the need to operate the wind turbine at the specific point to extract maximum power effectively.

To achieve this, the P&O MPPT algorithm is employed. The PMSG, coupled with the wind turbine, generates AC power, converted into DC by a rectifier. To optimize power extraction, the uncontrolled DC output is regulated by a boost converter. The boost converter design considers the turbine's power, output voltage requirements, and load voltage necessities to ensure maximum power extraction.

The P&O MPPT algorithm utilizes voltage and current measurements to compute changes in power and voltage. This data aids in determining the optimal operating point for maximum power extraction from the wind energy system. The output from the P&O MPPT controller regulates the boost converter, controlling its duty cycle to optimize power extraction.

The simulation involves varying wind speeds and demonstrates the system's ability to adapt to these changes, thereby ensuring maximum power extraction at different wind speeds. The results showcase how the system effectively adjusts its power output and voltage regulation to ensure optimal power extraction from the wind turbine under various conditions.

Graphical representations demonstrate how the system reacts to different wind speeds, showcasing the generated voltage and current, and the system's ability to extract maximum power at varying wind speeds. The system effectively adjusts its power extraction based on the changing wind conditions.

This simulation model effectively demonstrates the application of the Perturb and Observe MPPT algorithm in extracting maximum power from wind energy. The system dynamically adapts to varying wind speeds to ensure optimal power generation.

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