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PV battery power monitoring in thingspeak using MATLAB

PV battery power monitoring in thingspeak using MATLAB

The code demonstrated here serves the purpose of simulating a model and then collecting specific data, mainly pertaining to the power generated by a photovoltaic (PV) panel and the power of a connected battery. The objective is to then upload this data to a cloud service, specifically the ThingSpeak platform.

Integration with ThingSpeak

The code details the steps to create a channel on ThingSpeak for transmitting the simulated data. It shows the process of generating and setting up a new channel for viewing or sharing purposes. The obtained Channel ID and API key are then embedded within the code to enable the data transfer to the cloud.

Executing the Data Transfer

The code segment for transmitting the simulation data to ThingSpeak demonstrates the steps involved in executing this process. Upon execution, the code sends the PV power and battery power data to the specified ThingSpeak channel at an interval of every 15 seconds.

Executing the Code for Cloud Data Transfer

The explained code segment contains an operational sequence to send data to ThingSpeak. Specifically, executing a segment of the code sends the PV and battery power details from Matlab to the ThingSpeak platform. After execution, the data appears on the ThingSpeak channel at intervals of 15 seconds.

The content illustrates how Matlab can interact with ThingSpeak for uploading and storing simulation data, facilitating real-time monitoring and analysis of PV panel and battery performance.

The content outlines the process of connecting a simulation model with ThingSpeak, demonstrating how Matlab code sends PV and battery power details to the cloud platform for real-time monitoring and analysis. The steps include channel creation, data transmission execution, and the integration of simulation data with ThingSpeak for enhanced monitoring and analytics.

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