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PV Battery Power Monitoring in Thingspeak using MATLAB

PV Battery Power Monitoring in Thingspeak using MATLAB


Optimizing the performance of solar PV systems is crucial for maximizing energy efficiency and harnessing renewable energy sources effectively. However, monitoring and controlling these systems in real-time pose significant challenges, especially in remote locations or areas with limited connectivity.

To address this challenge, we'll demonstrate how MATLAB simulations combined with IoT technologies can provide a scalable and efficient solution for monitoring solar PV systems. By integrating MATLAB scripts with IoT platforms like ThingSpeak, we can collect real-time data from sensors and simulation models, enabling proactive management and optimization of solar energy systems.

Simulation Setup and Data Measurement

In our simulation setup, we use MATLAB to model and simulate the behavior of a solar PV system, including variables such as PV panel power and battery power. We then employ IoT techniques to measure and transmit this data to a cloud-based platform for further analysis and monitoring.

Using MATLAB scripts, we define algorithms for measuring PV power and battery power based on simulated sensor readings. These algorithms dynamically adjust the system parameters to optimize power extraction from the PV panels and ensure efficient energy storage in the battery.

Integration with ThingSpeak IoT Platform

ThingSpeak is a cloud-based IoT platform that enables the collection, storage, and analysis of sensor data in real-time. By integrating MATLAB with ThingSpeak, we can transmit simulation data from MATLAB scripts to ThingSpeak channels, allowing users to remotely monitor and analyze the performance of solar PV systems.

In our demonstration, we create a ThingSpeak channel dedicated to solar PV monitoring, where we define fields for PV power and battery power. MATLAB scripts periodically send simulation data to this channel, enabling users to visualize and analyze the performance of the solar PV system in real-time.

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

With the data transmitted to ThingSpeak channels, users can access real-time dashboards and visualizations to monitor the performance of their solar PV systems. By analyzing trends and patterns in PV power and battery power, users can identify potential issues or inefficiencies and take proactive measures to optimize system performance.


Integrating MATLAB simulations with IoT platforms like ThingSpeak offers a powerful solution for real-time monitoring and optimization of solar PV systems. By combining advanced algorithms with cloud-based data storage and analysis, users can remotely monitor, analyze, and optimize their solar energy systems, thereby maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability.

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