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PV fed BLDC motor driven water pump |Simulation of PV fed BLDC motor

PV fed BLDC motor driven water pump |Simulation of PV fed BLDC motor

Welcome to LMS Solution! In today's session, we will delve into the simulation model of a solar PV-based water pumping system designed for agricultural applications. This model has been developed based on a referenced paper, incorporating specifications for the BLDC motor, PV array, boost converter, and water pump design. Let's explore the key components and simulation results of this assembly model.

Model Components

Solar PV Array

The simulation begins with a solar PV array generating a maximum power of approximately 2370 watts. The operating voltage is set at 238 volts with a rating of 10 PV panels.

Boost Converter

The PV array is connected to a BLDC motor through a boost converter. The boost converter boosts the input voltage and current, and the conditions are processed to calculate a new duty cycle.

BLDC Motor

The BLDC motor has a power rating of 1.8 kilowatts, and its speed is controlled using a pulse generator. The back electromotive force (EMF), stator current, and electromagnetic torque are measured and analyzed.

Dynamic Irradiation Conditions

The simulation is conducted under two scenarios:

  1. Constant Irradiation: Fixing the irradiation at 1000 watts per square meter.

  2. Dynamic Irradiation: Changing the irradiation from 200 to 1000 watts per square meter and back to 200 within the simulation duration.

Simulation Results

Constant Irradiation (1000 W/m²)

Under constant irradiation, the simulation results are as follows:

  • PV Power: ~2370 watts

  • DC Bus Voltage: ~230 volts

  • DC Bus Current: ~9 amps

  • Back EMF: ~180 volts

  • Stator Current: ~10 amps

  • Electromagnetic Torque: Consistent

The simulation results align with the expected outcomes from the referenced paper, validating the accuracy of the model.

Dynamic Irradiation (200 to 1000 W/m²)

During dynamic irradiation changes, the simulation captures the system's response:

  • PV Power: Varies between 400 and 2370 watts

  • DC Bus Voltage: Fluctuates between 222 and 238 volts

  • DC Bus Current: Corresponds to PV power changes

  • Back EMF: Adapts with irradiation variations

  • Stator Current: Adjusts with irradiation levels

  • Motor Speed: Reflects changes in irradiation, reaching maximum under higher irradiation.


The simulation demonstrates the effectiveness of the solar PV-based water pumping system under both constant and dynamic irradiation conditions. The BLDC motor efficiently adjusts its operation based on the available solar power, showcasing the viability of such systems for agricultural applications.

Thank you for joining us in exploring this simulation model. For more informative content, please subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for future updates. Thank you and goodbye!

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