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Single Stage Single Phase Grid-connected PV System

Single Stage Single Phase Grid-connected PV System


We will delve into a MATLAB simulation model for a single-stage single-phase grid-connected solar PV system. This simulation model is designed to demonstrate the functionality of a simple system consisting of a solar PV panel, a DC link capacitor, and an inverter, all interconnected with the main grid.

System Components:

The system comprises:

  • Solar PV Panel

  • DC Link Capacitor

  • Inverter with Control Logic (MPPT based Inverter Control)

  • Main Grid Connection

  • Local Loads

Simulation Model Overview:

  1. PV Array: The single PV array generates power based on irradiation levels. Parameters such as voltage, current, and power at different irradiation levels are specified.

  2. Inverter and Control Logic: The inverter is equipped with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) based control logic. It converts DC power from the PV array into AC power and feeds it into the grid.

  3. Grid Connection: The system is connected to the main grid, allowing for bidirectional power flow. Excess power generated by the PV system can be supplied to the grid, and power deficits can be supplemented from the grid.

  4. Local Loads: The system supports local loads connected to it. Power from the PV system and the grid is utilized to meet the load demand.

Simulation Results:

  • The simulation results showcase the behavior of the system under varying irradiation levels.

  • PV voltage, current, and power output are monitored and analyzed.

  • Inverter voltage and current profiles are observed, depicting the power conversion process.

  • Grid-side voltage and current are monitored, indicating power exchange between the system and the grid.

  • Load-side voltage and current profiles illustrate the utilization of power by local loads.

Key Observations:

  • As irradiation levels increase, the power output of the PV system rises accordingly.

  • The inverter adjusts its operation to track the maximum power point of the PV array, optimizing power generation.

  • Power exchange with the grid fluctuates based on the power generated by the PV system and the load demand.


The MATLAB simulation model effectively demonstrates the operation of a single stage single phase grid-connected solar PV system. By analyzing the simulation results, insights into the system's behavior under different operating conditions can be gained, aiding in the design and optimization of similar systems.

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