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Solar PV based Mobile charger in MATLAB

Solar PV based Mobile charger in MATLAB

The solar-powered mobile battery charger simulation model showcased is designed to elucidate the dynamics of charging a mobile phone battery using solar energy. The model comprises a solar panel system and associated charging controllers.

Customizable Solar Panel Configurations

The model allows users to alter the solar panel configuration, providing options to choose the number of panels in parallel or series. By adjusting these configurations, the power rating of the solar system can be modified to suit different charging needs, such as 20 watts, 30 watts, or 50 watts.

In-Depth Model Analysis

The simulation encompasses critical parameters such as solar panel power output, battery voltage, current, and the relationship between the solar panel and the connected lithium-ion battery for mobile charging. The model evaluates the charging level and the slope of battery charging, based on the current supplied from the solar panel.

Impact of Solar Panel Rating on Charging Time

An important observation made is the relationship between the solar panel rating and the charging speed. The charging current and charging levels vary significantly with different panel ratings. For instance, the model demonstrates a comparison between a 9-watt panel and a 45-watt panel, showcasing the stark difference in charging capabilities.

MPPT Algorithm in Action

The model employs the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm to optimize charging efficiency. It monitors voltage and power variations of the solar panel, allowing for adjustments in the charging process based on these fluctuations. The algorithm ensures the most efficient power transfer from the solar panel to the battery.

Charging Time and Efficiency

Through simulations, it's evident that the 45-watt solar panel charges the battery at a considerably faster rate compared to the 9-watt panel. Within the span of 15 minutes, the 45-watt panel charges the battery from 0 to 100%, showcasing its significantly faster charging capabilities.

Working Principle of the Solar Mobile Charger

The model employs a control mechanism to regulate the power flow from the solar panel to the battery. It operates on a cyclic process, adjusting the duty cycle of the converter based on the state of charge and the charging voltage of the battery.


The solar-powered mobile battery charger model demonstrates the influence of solar panel configurations on charging efficiency and time. The simulation underscores the significant impact of the panel's power rating on the charging speed, with higher-rated panels significantly reducing charging time.

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