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Solar PV Battery Powered BLDC motor Water Pump

Solar PV Battery Powered BLDC motor Water Pump


We will delve into a simulation model that focuses on the integration of solar PV, battery storage, and a vertical DC motor for water pumping applications. This model showcases the dynamic behavior of a sustainable system that harnesses solar power, stores energy in a battery, and efficiently drives a water pump using a DC motor.

Simulation Model Components:

  1. Photovoltaic (PV) System:

  • PV panels generate power with a single panel rating of 79.9 Watts.

  • Two parallel strings of 14 series-connected PV panels create a 238V array.

  • A boost converter, controlled by Incremental Conductance MPPT algorithm, optimizes power extraction based on changing solar conditions.

  1. Battery System:

  • A bidirectional converter connects the battery to the common DC bus.

  • The battery ensures continuous power availability during variations in PV power.

  • DC bus voltage is maintained at 310 volts through a proportional-integral (PI) controller.

  1. Water Pump Drive System:

  • A brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives the water pump.

  • The motor control logic includes a back electromotive force (EMF) table, hall sensors, and an inverter.

  • Speed control is achieved through pulse-width modulation (PWM) based on the back EMF signals.

Simulation Dynamics:

  1. PV System Operation:

  • The simulation dynamically adjusts PV power output based on changing irradiation levels.

  • Incremental Conductance MPPT algorithm ensures the PV system operates at its maximum power point.

  1. Battery Operation:

  • The battery plays a crucial role in balancing power supply during variations in PV power.

  • Charging and discharging modes are demonstrated as PV power fluctuates.

  1. Water Pump Drive:

  • The BLDC motor efficiently drives the water pump based on the available power.

  • Speed control and electromagnetic torque generation are demonstrated through simulation.

Results and Operating Conditions:

  1. PV and Battery Performance:

  • PV voltage, current, and power vary with changing irradiation levels.

  • Battery voltage and current exhibit shifts between charging and discharging modes.

  1. DC Bus Voltage Control:

  • The PI controller maintains the DC bus voltage at a constant level of 310 volts.

  1. BLDC Motor Operation:

  • The BLDC motor operates at a speed of 3000 RPM with an electromagnetic torque around 3 Nm.

  1. System Performance during Irradiation Changes:

  • Irradiation changes from 500 to 1000 to 500 Watts per square meter, impacting PV power and subsequent battery operation.

  • The water pump continues to function efficiently despite variations in power availability.


This simulation model provides insights into the performance of a solar PV battery-powered water pump system. The integration of PV power, energy storage, and an efficient motor drive showcases the adaptability of such systems to changing environmental conditions.

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