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Switched Inductor Double Switch High Gain DC-DC Converter

Switched Inductor Double Switch High Gain DC-DC Converter


The converter we are discussing here finds typical applications in PV (photovoltaic) setups. In such systems, a DC-DC converter is crucial for efficiently managing voltage levels. PV panels typically operate at voltages ranging from 70 to 40 volts. However, when integrating with the grid or other applications, the voltage needs to be boosted to around 200 to 400 volts. This converter serves this purpose effectively.

Setting Up the Converter:

In our setup, we have provisions to control the output voltage of the converter. The input voltage ranges from 40 volts to a maximum of 200 watts. The system is designed to handle a power output of 200 watts. The circuit includes double switches and an inductor, which facilitate the conversion from 40 volts to 200 volts, achieving a gain of more than two.

Control Mechanism:

The goal is to maintain a constant output voltage irrespective of load variations or changes in the source voltage. To achieve this, we employ a proportional-integral (PI) controller. This controller processes the output voltage measurement and generates pulse-width modulation (PWM) signals to regulate the switches, ensuring voltage stability.

Tuning the Controller:

The PI controller's parameters can be fine-tuned using a theory tuner app or plugin. This step ensures optimal performance and stability of the control loop.

Simulation Results:

We proceed to analyze the simulation results of the model. Initially, we set the load resistance to 200 ohms, representing a full-rated power condition. We observe that the load voltage stabilizes at the desired level of 200 volts, maintaining consistency even as the load current fluctuates.

Handling Load and Voltage Variations:

We explore the converter's response to variations in load resistance and input voltage. By adjusting the reference voltage and load resistance, we observe how the converter dynamically maintains the output voltage within specified limits, demonstrating robustness in the face of changing operating conditions.

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