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Three Phase Grid Connected Solar PV and Battery System

Three Phase Grid Connected Solar PV and Battery System

Today's discussion is about a simulation model for a three-phase grid-connected solar PV and battery system using Simulink. The system includes a solar PV system, battery storage, and a grid-connected inverter.

  1. Solar PV System Design:

  • 250 watts PV panels connected in series with 15 modules per string and two parallel strings.

  • Maximum power point conditions: 30.7 volts and 8.15 amps.

  • PV array characteristics for different irradiation conditions.

  1. Boost Converter Design:

  • Boost converter connects the solar PV system to the DC bus.

  • Design involves fixing input and output voltages, selecting DC bus voltage, and calculating values for inductor (L) and capacitor (C).

  1. Battery Converter Design:

  • A bidirectional converter connects the battery to the DC bus.

  • Design involves fixing battery parameters and calculating values for inductor (L), capacitor (C), and modulation (M).

  1. Three-Phase Inverter and Filter Design:

  • A three-phase inverter is connected to the grid via an LC filter.

  • Filter design considerations for sinusoidal voltage and current waveforms.

  1. Control Logic:

  • Current control algorithm for the three-phase inverter.

  • ABC to DQ transformation using PLL concept.

  • Logic for determining power flow between grid, solar PV, and battery based on PV current and battery state of charge (SOC).

  1. Incremental MPPT for PV System:

  • Incremental conductance MPPT algorithm for optimizing power output from the PV system.

  1. Simulation Results:

  • Varying irradiance conditions to simulate different scenarios.

  • SOC of the battery initially set at 50%, later at 9%.

  • Observations of PV power, battery SOC, DC load power, grid power, and inverter current under changing conditions.

  1. Conclusion:

  • The system dynamically adjusts power flow based on environmental conditions and battery SOC.

  • The control logic ensures efficient power utilization from the solar PV system, battery, and grid.

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