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Tuning of PID - Design of PID controller for DC-DC Buck Converter

Design of PID controller for DC-DC Buck Converter ===========================================================

The use of DC-DC power converters is continuously growing both in power electronics products and systems. In a DCDC converter application, it is always desired to obtain a regulated output voltage despite changes in input voltage, load current, and converter components. To obtain regulated output voltage researchers have used various simple conventional to complex automatic control methods. With the development of semiconductor manufacturing technology, simplicity of design, size of devices, cost, and better conversion efficiency have become important design criteria. This work proposes the design of a simple PID controller that can be applied to any DC-DC converter topology. The designed PID controller is tested with buck converter in MATLAB-Simulink environment. Simulation results show that the controller realizes a better output voltage tracking and improved converter efficiency along with the ease and simplicity in design.

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