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This Simulink model presents a new topology for a three phase grid interfaced solar water pumping system. An induction motor driven pump is fed from the solar PV array with two stage conversion (DC-DC converter + Inverter). The novelty of the proposed system lies in the operation of the pump at rated water discharge when it is operated with the support of the grid. The converter+inverter  serves the purpose of power flow from the Solar PV. Moreover, it also improves the power quality at the AC mains. The proposed system is well suited for the areas where the grid support is available. The induction motor is controlled using the open loop scalar (volts/Hertz) control on account of its simple implementation with reduced sensors. Based on the availability of the power source, the modes of operation are identified and performance of the system at starting, in steady state and dynamic conditions are simulated. Simulated results show the satisfactory performance of the proposed system.

Solar PV + Grid Driven Induction motor for Water Pumping Application

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