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The MATLAB simulation of a 2 MW Photovoltaic (PV) Battery Grid System involves creating a comprehensive model that integrates PV arrays, battery storage systems, and grid connections. The simulation aims to analyze the dynamic behavior and performance of the system under various operating conditions and scenarios.

In the simulation, engineers model the PV arrays to capture solar irradiance and convert it into electrical power. They incorporate battery storage systems to manage energy storage and release, enabling the system to store surplus energy during periods of high generation and provide additional power during times of low solar output or high demand.

Additionally, the grid connection allows the system to interact with the utility grid, enabling power exchange and ensuring grid stability. Engineers use MATLAB to simulate different control strategies, such as maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for the PV arrays and battery management algorithms to optimize charging and discharging cycles.

By analyzing the simulation results, engineers can assess the system's performance metrics such as energy efficiency, grid integration capability, and reliability. This approach facilitates the design and optimization of large-scale PV battery grid systems for renewable energy integration, grid support, and sustainable power generation.

MATLAB Simulation of 2 MW PV Battery Grid system

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