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In MATLAB, simulating a fuel cell battery-driven electric vehicle (FC-BEV) involves creating a comprehensive model that integrates components such as fuel cell stacks, battery packs, electric motors, power electronics, and vehicle dynamics. This simulation encompasses factors including hydrogen consumption, electricity generation from the fuel cell, energy storage and management in the battery, motor efficiency, vehicle speed profiles, and driving conditions. MATLAB provides tools for modeling fuel cell behavior, simulating hydrogen consumption, and implementing control algorithms for power management. Engineers can analyze the FC-BEV's performance under various driving conditions, evaluate energy consumption and efficiency, optimize control strategies to maximize vehicle range and performance, and assess the impact of different design parameters on overall system performance. Through MATLAB simulations, researchers and engineers can explore different configurations, optimize system components, and develop strategies to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of fuel cell battery-driven electric vehicles.

MATLAB Simulation of Fuel cell Battery driven Electric Vehicle

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