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In MATLAB, simulating Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Grid-to-Vehicle (G2V) operations with a Three-Phase Grid involves modeling the interactions between electric vehicles (EVs), the power grid, and charging infrastructure. V2G enables EVs to discharge stored energy back to the grid during peak demand periods, while G2V allows EVs to charge from the grid when electricity demand is low. The simulation typically involves modeling the behavior of EV batteries, charging stations, power converters, and grid infrastructure. MATLAB provides tools such as Simulink for modeling the dynamic behavior of these components and simulating their interactions under different scenarios, including varying grid conditions, EV charging patterns, and grid load profiles. By simulating V2G and G2V operations in MATLAB, researchers and engineers can assess the impact of EV integration on grid stability, energy efficiency, and economic viability, helping to optimize grid management strategies and support the transition to sustainable transportation systems.

MATLAB Simulation of V2G and G2V operation with Three Phase Grid

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