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Modeling a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell in MATLAB involves creating a mathematical representation of the electrochemical processes occurring within the cell to predict its behavior under different operating conditions. The model typically includes equations describing the chemical reactions at the anode and cathode, mass transport phenomena of reactant gases (hydrogen and oxygen), and electrochemical kinetics. Additionally, the model accounts for heat and water management within the cell, as well as voltage losses due to activation, ohmic, and concentration polarizations. MATLAB provides tools for solving the system of differential equations that govern the fuel cell's operation, incorporating parameters such as operating temperature, pressure, and humidity. Validating the model against experimental data ensures its accuracy and reliability. The PEM fuel cell model in MATLAB facilitates analysis of performance metrics like efficiency, power output, and voltage response, enabling optimization of operating conditions and design parameters for various applications, including transportation, stationary power generation, and portable electronics.

Modeling of PEM Fuel cell in MATLAB

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