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This work implements an efficient way to power generation system, using solar power. Solar energy system is used to collect maximum power from sun. This proposal is to use the solar panels implemented in this project more efficiently and to carry out a realistic experimental approach to enhance the solar output power to a significant level and piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit. In this work, piezoelectric-based energy harvesting technology is applied to generate electricity from mechanical stress (vibrations). Using piezoelectric material to harvest vibration energy from humans walking, machinery vibrating, or cars moving on a roadway is an area of great interest, because this vibration energy is otherwise untapped. Since movement is everywhere, the ability to capture this energy cheaply would be a significant advancement toward greater efficiency and cleaner energy production. The goal of this simulation is to investigate whether piezoelectricity would be able to provide sufficient source of voltage to charge the parent battery in case of rainy or cloudy days. . This configuration allows the two sources to supply the load separately or simultaneously depending on the availability of the energy sources. This work implements an efficient way to electrify or generate electricity using solar power and piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit.

Solar PV and Piezo Transducer based Mobile battery charger

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