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Solar PV battery fed EV system with regenerative braking employing zeta converter


An electric vehicle power train with regenerative braking technology and speed control of PMBLDC motor which is powered by solar-PV and battery system is described in this video. The speed is controlled online in accordance with the peak power available from the solar-PV panel and the load demand. The battery is being charged from the vehicle’s kinetic energy during braking and making it possible to achieve regeneration. In this process, the intermediate DC-DC converter stage is eliminated. Noninverted zeta converter with continuous output current ensures efficient MPPT control of solar-PV array. Switches of the VSI are gated at fundamental frequency thus reducing losses associated with high-frequency switching. The designed system is expected to be robust in terms of stability and controllability.

solar PV battery fed ev system with regenerative braking employing zetaconverter

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