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PV Battery DC Microgrid with ANFIS MPPT in MATLAB

PV Battery DC Microgrid with ANFIS MPPT in MATLAB

Bidirectional Converter Design

  1. Battery Selection: The design starts with a 10V to 12V battery with a 40Ah capacity.

  2. Converter Type: A bidirectional converter is chosen with an output voltage of 220V.

  3. Component Selection: The design specifies values for inductors, capacitors, resistors, and switches based on calculations

Solar Power System Design

  1. Solar Panels: The system uses four solar panels connected in series, each with a rating of 250W, 30.7V maximum voltage, and 8.15A maximum current.

  2. Boost Converter: A boost converter is employed to increase the voltage from the solar panels to the desired output level.

  3. MPPT Controller: An MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller is likely used to optimize power generation from the solar panels (though not explicitly mentioned).

System Integration and Testing

  • The system combines the bidirectional converter and the solar power system with battery backup.

  • A load of 50% of the maximum capacity (around 240W) is simulated.

  • The system is tested under varying irradiation conditions (simulated by adjusting a parameter).


  • The system successfully maintains a load voltage around 220V and a load current around 2.2A.

  • The battery charges when solar power exceeds load demand and discharges to supplement the load when solar power is insufficient.

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