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Solar PV Grid Based EV Charging Station in MATLAB

Solar PV Grid Based EV Charging Station in MATLAB


Welcome to LM Solution! In this simulation model walkthrough, we will explore the development of a solar photovoltaic (PV) grid-based EV (Electric Vehicle) charging station using MATLAB. This simulation model integrates various sectors, including power, control, and measurement, to showcase the functionality of a solar-powered charging station.

Simulation Model Overview:

The simulation model comprises three main sectors:

  1. Power Sector:

  • PV System: The solar PV array generates power under varying irradiation conditions.

  • EV Battery System: An Electric Vehicle (EV) battery is charged using the generated solar power.

  • Grid System: The grid provides additional power to the EV battery if needed.

  1. Control System Sector:

  • Different control logics are implemented for the PV system, EV battery system, and grid inverter system.

  1. Measurement Sector:

  • Parameters such as PV power, battery voltage/current/power, grid voltage/current/power, and overall power are measured.

Key Components and Specifications:

1. Solar PV System:

  • PV Array Rating: 2000 Watts

  • Configuration: Multiple panels in parallel and series

  • PV Panel Specifications: 250 Watts, operating around 245-246 volts

2. EV Battery System:

  • Battery Rating: 240 volts, 40 Ah

  • Initial State of Charge: 50%

  • Bidirectional Converter for Charging: Designed for 2000 Watts

3. Grid System:

  • Grid Voltage: 230 volts, 50 Hz

  • Single-Phase Converter connected to DC Bus via L-Filter

4. Control Logic:

  • PV System Control: Incremental Conductance MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

  • EV Battery System Control: Voltage control method

  • Grid Inverter System Control: Current control method

5. Simulation Results:

The simulation results demonstrate the system's behavior under changing irradiation conditions. The PV power extraction varies accordingly, influencing the grid power supply to charge the EV battery.


This simulation provides insights into the operation of a solar PV grid-based EV charging station. The control logics ensure efficient power extraction from the PV array, optimal charging of the EV battery, and grid power utilization when necessary.

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